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Juicy Drop Pop : Candy Kingdom


Welcome to the juicy splash world of candy kingdom and feel the imagination of candy drop from the sky. We all have dreamt in our childhood of having a candy story of our own and watch colourful candy, jelly beans, gum balls falling from the sky.This is an addictive physics puzzler game of candy bubble pop where we can experience and enjoy jelly blast at every move. A game where freefall popping gumballs from above will make you addicted to this.Juicy jelly and gumballs here are jiggling and wiggling all the way for popping in this gravity-based physics game. If you want to relish all the levels of this juicy splash : Candy Drop then plan your move before. If you like popping games and other jelly crush games based on bubble pop and bubble popping then we are sure that you are going to love this game as well for sure. Pop all the juicy cube, plum jam and have a blast.In the initial stage we are launching juicy drop pop with 90 sweet dreams levels , but all the levels of this wiggling gumball game is uniquely designed for your complete entertainment and prove to be a real stress buster.How to Play:Match and pop the same color jelly bean, gumballs and candy rolling over the game board and experience the popping gumball experience with every move.There are sweet dreams levels where the jelly gummy bean is enclosed in . You need to roll them down by popping other jelly gummy roll to the bottom and get the candy crusher for the jelly blast experienceThere are some tough levels where you will be need boosters. Earn booster to bubble pop and finish the levels. Try to collect 3 stars in each level.Levels Variation:There are unique levels and because of such complex and unique features you are going to love this game. Let us reveal some of the levels in this sweet dream candy story game.Frozen Ice breaker: In this level you have to release the fruits enclosed in the ice by bringing them down Chained candy: Unchain the candy and collect all the targets to move ahead in the game and collect all the candy and gumballs if different flavour strawberry, pear, cherry oranges.Candy Roll: In this level there are candy roll which will obstruct the falling bubbles. Try to connect and pop the same color jelly gummy bean and get rid of candy lollipop roll levelsBlocks: Blocks are the first obstruction .Connect and pop maximum number of same candy lollipop to get the booster and remove the block to clear the target.Highlighted Features: Gravity-based addictive physics puzzler of popping colourful gumballs and gummy jelly bean60 levels of amazing sweet dreams jelly roll game. Free levels added regularly.Colorful and eye catching graphics and a great popping animation of candy dropAwesome bubble physics bringing magic to the Candy StoryGo on the adventure journey of all the levels of candy story through the variety of exciting and challenging juice splash levels.Move through obstacles like frozen ice jelly, chained gumballs and giant jelly cube in levelsSuper smooth game of bubble pop based on gravity based physics puzzle.